Transglobal Kitchens

Transglobal Kitchens

Mobile Kitchens can supply ISO rated container kitchens and supporting facilities such as ablution blocks and laundries for your project, no matter where it is in the world. Mobile Kitchens had an unblemished performance history of providing facilities to some of the most remote locations on earth for clients in industries
such as:

  • Oil, gas and mineral exploration and mining camps
  • Military deployments
  • Large scale construction sites
  • Disaster relief & aid organisations
  • Film & TV productions

We can supply stand alone container commercial kitchens, or several that join together to form a productive complex, which can include dining facilities if required. Several different configurations are available to suit our clients requirements.

Soft Wall Structure

Mobile Kitchens marquee system allows the utmost flexibility, fast construction times and cost effectiveness, especially for large numbers. Our mobile canopies help ensure HVAC system efficiency & safety, and the ability to offer flexible cooking footprints.

Modular Solutions

Modular construction methods are faster and more cost effective than 
traditional methods of construction, even more so in remote locations. We offer several different module footprint sizes and construction methods – which allows us to tailor a solution to your exacting needs. All our modules can be exterior cladded or vinyl wrapped to suit design requirements. Our modular commercial kitchens are a custom design & construct modular solution to suit your requirements and specifications.

Project Management

Mobile Kitchens has a highly experienced, ex military (transport & logistics) project management team ready to assist you with your project. We can look after the complete project from dispatch to installation, no matter where it is, to provide a complete turn key facility.

Some of our clients include