Rent Commercial Kitchen

If you’re looking to rent commercial kitchens, Mobile Kitchens can help you – no matter where you are or where you want it. Our commercial kitchens for rent are easy to transport by rail, truck or sea, and have a very quick setup time , allowing chefs to start cooking sooner. Mobile Kitchens offers short, medium and long term rental of our kitchens – and can tailor a package to suit your needs, and we even offer a ‘Rent to Buy’ scheme available on our new kitchens, which could have you in your own brand new kitchen for as little as $500 per week.

Our rental kitchens consist of 6m or 12m modules that can be used as single units or joined together to form a larger complex. We have 3 types of 2 different sized kitchens:

  • Hotline Kitchens
  • Prep/cold larder kitchens
  • Ware/Dishwashing Kitchens


Some of our clients include